Sunday, 18 April 2010


Hi everyone!!
I was just sitting here on this lovely sunny Sunday afternoon and thought I would show you another shaped card - an Easel Card.  This shape is really popular at the moment and so easy to achieve.  Use can use any size card but I find the best size cards to use are either a square, A5 or 7x5. I'm going to show you below how to do a square one.

First of all I gathered all my bits and pieces that I wanted to use together
I used a new toppers set we have in stock from Kanban which gives you an A4 backing card along with various toppers and tags plus other bits and pieces

I cut the A4 card down so that I had a 144mm x 288mm square card base
 I then folded it in half and scored the crease and then folded the front of the card back on itself and scored it to give the easel shape

Thats the basic shape of the card done - now its the fun part!!

Using a small cuttlebug folder I embossed "Its a Girl"
Then using low tack tape I taped the nestie shape - cutting side down - on top of the embossed wording so that I could get it exactly in the middle.
I then cut it on the Cuttlebug - using A Plate, C Plate, nestie - cutting side upwards and card face downwards and then B Plate

Once it was cut, I then embossed it using A Plate, B Plate, Nestie - cutting side upward with card on top, tan mat, shims of card and B Plate

I then left it in the nestie but turned it over so that the embossed side is facing you.  I then inked it using Lulu Lavender memento ink and a finger dauber (this enbables you to ink the inside of the embossed cirle, leaving you a white border).

Using the piece of card that was left over after I cut down the A4 piece of card I cut a scallop circle to mat my embossed wording onto and used the rest of it to mat and layer on the front of my easel card

It was then just a case of putting my card together

As you can see by raising the circles on foam pads it creates a stopper for your easel.  You could use all sorts of things from buttons to brads and any sort of sentiment raised on pads.
The card then lays flat inside the envelope for posting.

Go on have a go - its really easy and very effective.
Lots of Love :)


  1. Great tutorial Lynne, very clear instructions, thanks. xx

  2. I need to make a card for a new baby girl and was searching for inspiration - thank you. Great instructions and I am on my way to the shop now for the extra bits I need! 'fred x

  3. Hi Lynne

    These tutorials are great & as Di said very clear. I'm printing them off so I can refer back to them. Very inspiring, keep up the good work. Love Kay

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll try making that card. Can I use an A4 card for that instead?


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